Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Southerner Speaks Out Against Norhtern History Lies

The Southern View of the Untrue Civil War History As Taught in the Schools

What people call American History is really Yankee history written by New Englanders glorifying the North.

To the victor goes the spoils. The Victor in the war for Southern Independence was the North. They claimed the right to enforce their point of view of the war on all Americans.

To do this the North in the past 130 years, used persecution, destruction, theft of personal property, oppression of civil rights of the Southern peoples and a total disregard for the Constitution.

They created a very powerful myth. The myth that the Yankee invader used and still uses to justify their invasion of the South was to free the slaves. A bold face lie.

Southern history taught in all the schools, then and now, is just a recitation of the North's justification for invasion.

Northern history taught in Southern schools have the Southern children, conquered children, calling the Northern invaders saviors.

President Jefferson Davis predicted if the North won the war they would re-write history to cover up all their crimes. He was right!

The Yankee myth-makers would have us believe that the South was a poor, backward area before the war. Not true!

Had the South been an independent nation her economy would have ranked as the third largest on the European and American continents.

The Southerner was not materialistic like the Northerner.

They were plain folk who enjoyed political, social and economic independence.

Relatively few of those plain folk had the desire to become wealthy. Their cultural heritage was mostly Celtic.

The North hated the easy lifestyle of the South. The wanted to change it or destroy it. As far back as August 1865 at a National Convention of Teachers in Pennsylvania declared that the late conflict had been “a war of education and patriotism against ignorance and barbarism”

They started to impact their Northern view on the minds of the Southern children. They have never stopped!

The war was not fought over slavery but over the stark dissimilarity between the two peoples of the Northern and Southern colonies.

The South differed from the North by habits, morals, institutions, pursuits and mode of thought.

But by now the Yankee myth inundates the Southern School System. Every classroom, in the South, has a picture of “Honest Abe” somewhere in the room. Southern students are requires to study, if not memorize, the Gettysburg Address.

Where is the picture of Jefferson Davis? Robert E Lee? How many teachers that force children to read the Gettysburg address know what it really was intended for?

It was a Lincoln styled war-measure. Its purpose was to drape the invasion of the Southern nation in the robes of morality. It was a propaganda play to keep England and France out of the war on the side of the South. It encouraged slave insurrection.

It was never intended to free slaves. The only slaves Lincoln wanted to free was the ones in the South,. Not the ones in the North.

General Ulysses S. Grant's wife owned slaves. She did not free them till after the war because she said “good help is do hard to come by these days.”

Lincoln was no humanitarian or angle or honest. He was entirely the opposite.

He made favorable white supremacy speeches in the years of his early career. While in the white house he planned a system of geographical separation similar to that practiced by South Africa called Apartheid.

He suspended the writ of habeas corpus and had 40,000 political prisoners locked up. He shut down more than 300 newspaper and journals. He illegally imprisoned people he hated.

Lincoln is the only president to order a mass execution of Native Americans in Minnesota in 1863.

This is the Lincoln whose picture hangs in every Southern classroom; the same Lincoln children are taught to worship; the same Lincoln who has been deified by Yankee mythology.

It is time for Americans to wake up. It is time for the South to rise again!

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