Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Southern Rebuttal To Norhtern Hisotry Untruths Abotu Rober E Lee

A Southern Response To the North's Lie That the War was Fought Over Slavery

War over slavery is a Northern Myth. The truth is that from 70-80% of Confederate soldiers and sailors were not slave owners.

Who in their right minds could say that all the Confederate soldiers and sailors who were not slave owners fought a war against overwhelming odds, for 4 years, to allow a few rich Southerners keep their slaves?

Nonsense! But they are forcing the American children to believe this.

Generals Robert E Lee; Joseph Johnston; A. P. Hill; Fitzhugh Lee; J.E.B. Stuart were not slave owners.

The war was fought by the South for Liberty and Southern Independence.

Even though the Yankee myth-makers have a monopoly on the press, politics and academia they cannot create a hero equal to the none slave holder Robert E Lee.

Lee was not a Southern Nationalist glad that the North had won and the war was over, as the North would have you believe. He was a true citizen of the South.

The North said that Lee was satisfied with the outcome of the war because he continued to remain silent after Appomattox.

General Lee made his feelings known very plain to Governor Stockade (Ex Confederate General) in an 1870 meeting of ex-confederate generals.

He said that if he had foreseen what those people (what he called the Northerners) designed to do with the South, the crimes that would commit, he would never had surrendered at Appomattox school house.

He said if he could have foreseen the results of their brutal subjugation he would have preferred to die at Appomattox, with his brave men, with his sword in his right hand. He remained silent because he didn't want the North to pervert his words and use them as propaganda against the South.

Lee viewed the actions of the Northern government to be cruel, illegal and disastrous to the South.

He would have preferred to have died with his face towards the Yankees rather than submit to their despotism.

Let's take 'Honest Abe's' picture out of the Southern schools and replace it with a picture of General Robert E. Lee.

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